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Kera Package

Head of Operations, Phileas Club

Kera Package is Head of Operations for Phileas Club who will be opening it’s first 3 locations in 2019. She currently also provides integrated revenue generation and operations support services for hotels/hostels.

Specializes in creative solutions and holistic approaches to operations and brand expansion. Fueled by a healthy obsession with community and “social good”, dedicating over a decade to non-profit management and leadership development. Responsible for growth initiatives, training curriculums, donor relations, event planning, and community outreach. Also curated volunteer tourism experiences in both Washington DC and Los Angeles.

Previously the COO and co-founder of PodShare, facilitating the development of a network of co-living locations. Responsible for the creation of operational systems/protocols, and key aspects of brand positioning, guest experience, and digital marketing.

Phone: 213-447-2906 | Email:

Passionate about

  • Intentional Living
  • Prayer/Meditation
  • Problem Solving
  • Storytelling

Relevant expertise

  • Operations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Development
  • Startups / Independent Hospitality Brands